The best pharmacy programs

To be able to better manage a pharmacy office, today there are different programs that manage to improve the work of the day to day.


Farmatic is considered to be the best pharmacy management program out there today. It is a very intuitive and easy to use program that will allow you to carry out all the management in a quick and simple way. Thanks to this software you will be able to have maximum control over the movements of the pharmacy and, thus, you will be able to know better how the numbers are going and be able to achieve an optimal management of the business.

It is a program that has very effective technological advances such as speeding up communication with suppliers, between pharmacies, with customers, etc. In addition, it has a very friendly and easy to use design that will allow everyone to be able to navigate completely through all the sections.


Another highly recommended program is Nixfarma. It is a tool that is used daily by both pharmacists and customers who want their day to day better. Here you will find an organization specially designed to speed up the daily processes that are found by workers in the sector, so the program has the most cutting-edge technology to facilitate the work.

This program can also offer pre-sales and after-sales services to patients who come to the office and thus maintain a more direct and personal communication with frequent users. From Nixfarma they will take care of installing the program in your office as well as keep the equipment so that it always performs at its best.


Another of the best pharmacy management programs is IOFWIN. It is a tool created jointly by the Pharmaceutical Federation and Servtelecom to offer complete computer support to pharmacies today. They offer you a very advanced system that has the maintenance of a computer so that you can perform all the tasks in an easier and more effective way.

It is advisable not to have a pirate software for pharmacy if you want to carry a good management and organization of the office because these programs can be altered and can put the business data at risk. It is best to have one of the programs indicated here to ensure optimal execution of the daily work.


And finally we also recommend Farmanager, a program created by Cofares. It is a software that is designed so that orders can be placed much more effectively and, in addition, that there is an automatic bounce when a pharmaceutical product is missing. This program connects to warehouses and thus avoids excessive stock, thus reducing expenses.

También ofrece algunas prestaciones que son muy interesantes para gestionar una farmacia como, por ejemplo, revisar los ratios de ventas, medir los impactos que han tenido las campañas, comprobar el estado de las ventas, etcétera. Un programa muy completo para organizar mejor el día a día.

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